The Star report is the most demanded report thanks to its both classic and attractive design. Unfolded, the report is the size of a A4 sheet. Like all reports issued by GFCO GEM LAB, it contains all the following essential information regarding the gem (right page from top to down):

FAMILY/SPECIEThe family/specie name preceeded of "NATURAL" if of natural origin or of "SYNTHETIC" if man-made (e.g. NATURAL BERYL, SYNTHETIC CORUNDUM)
TRADE NAMEThe common official name or the trade name in the market (for all that the trade name is not misleading)
ITEM PICTUREPicture of the item taken under standard daylight D6500K to represent the colour as fairly as possible. Picture of colour change are taken under incandescent light of various temperatures in order to display the best color change effect
WEIGHT (CTS.)Expressed in carats with two decimals, e.g. 3.22 CARATS, e.g. 4.00 CARATS (1 cts. = 0.20 grams)
COLORThe color as judged under D6500K light described in terms of hue and/or by a specific color name/attribute (→see color attributes). The primary hue features in upper cases and the secondary hue (if any) in lower cases (e.g. pinkish-RED).
Primary hues*:

*To these are added white, black, grey and pink which are not part of the pure spectral colors.
Example of secondary hues with red and orange:
SHAPEThe most common shapes are:

For others shapes, GFCO may use the term "FANCY".
DIMENSIONSLength x width x height in MILLIMETERS (MM.)

CROWN & PAVILLION CUTThe basis of almost all cuts of facteted type are: brilliant, step and a fancy cut ressembling a net. These cuts are often modified to some degree and are called by GFCO "brilliant modified" or "step modified" or fancy. Please find here below some example of cuts and GFCO appellation:

When the pavillion is step cut, the number of steps is mentionned. Please be aware that the step making the culet is considered a step regardless of its size although it can be very small.
TREATMENTGFCO ALWAYS checks and mentions the presence of a treatment for the following gemstones only:

For all others gemstones, GFCO GEM LAB does not usually research if the item has experienced a treatment or not unless it is uncommon and obvious (e.g. cobalt diffused spinels). It is the customer responsibility to inform himself about if such gem is usually treated or not.
For detailed information about the treatment terms used, please check the → Treatment Detection area.

ORIGINThe origin can be specified by a country name, a region and/or a specific mine. It is an opinion based on the characteritics of the gem using standard gemological equipment (i.e. excluding advanced testing of chemistry).
SPECIAL COMMENTAny information of importance or comment may feature in this area. Most commonly feature:
  • the total weight of the item if it is a jewel;
  • any quality grading of a star or cat's eye effect;
  • the description of a color change;
  • any other information deemed deserving to feature on the report.

Others information: