The website and the brand GFCO GEM LAB® are the propriety of:

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2720 Tramelan

Tel. landline: +41 (0)32 487 35 02
Email: info(at)

Trade register (Canton of Berne): CH-
VAT number: CHE-246.950.137

For any question or reclamation related to the issuance of a GFCO REPORT, please first contact the legal entity which performed the GFCO GEM LAB® service or use the address For any question regarding the GFCO GEM LAB® brand or legal matters, please contact directly Geafinco SA at


Binding language
The sole and only binding language is English; all information in a language other than English is provided as of courtesy and strictly on an indicative basis.

In what follows, the here below terms shall have the following meanings:
"The Site" is;
"The Trading Site" is;
"The Item" is a gemstone.
"The Visitor" is the private person or a legal entity visiting The Site;
"The Service" is the offer to test an Item and to issue a GFCO REPORT.
"The Complementary Service" is the trading of an Item through The Trading Site.
"The Client" is the person or legal entity resorting to The Service or The Service and The Complementary Service;
"The Company" and "The Franchisor" is Geafinco SA;
"The Franchisee" is the legal entity which performs The Service under the name GFCO GEM LAB and delivers a GFCO REPORT.

By making use of The Site, The Visitor and/or The Client agree with no limitation with the thereafter Terms & Conditions.


Specific Terms and Conditions of The Service
The Service and The Complementary Service of every GFCO GEM LAB is regulated by its specific framework of Terms and Conditions which are available at The Site under "Report Order" by selecting the laboratory in question. It is The Client responsibility to read these Terms and Conditions prior to have recourse to The Service or The Service and The Complementary Service. By submitting in Item for The Service (including or not The Complementary Service) to The Company or a Franchisee, The Client confirms he accepts The Specific Terms & Conditions which apply to the GFCO GEM LAB in question with no limitation.

Guarantees & liabilities of The Company/The Franchisor
The Franchisor carefully and regularly checks that the Franchisee possess sufficiently knowledgeable and experienced staff as well as the necessary equipment to deliver The Service with a high degree of quality. Nonetheless, the Franchisor shall bear no responsibility regarding the service performed by the Franchisee and thus shall not be liable in any circumstances.

Guarantees & liabilities of The Franchisee
The guarantees and liabilities of The Franchisee are specified in their respective specific Terms and Conditions available at The Site under "Report Order".

Management of Client and Item data
GFCO GEM LAB is interested in gemological information resulting from the testing of gemstones, not in The Client personal data. The personal data of The Client are not computer recorded and by default not shared between the different GFCO GEM LABs; The Franchisor do not know who is The Client of the Franchisee but only manages the creation of a GFCO REPORT.
Unless requested otherwise in the written form by The Client prior to examination, by submitting his Item for testing at a GFCO GEM LAB, The Client agrees The Company to make use of the data collected concerning The Item for research and statistic and to use pictures of The Item in publications.
Neither The Franchisor nor The Franchisee shall transmit information regarding The Client to any third party without prior written consent of The Client. The sharing of Client information without prior authorization between The Franchisee and The Franchisor is permitted.
Neither The Franchisor nor The Franchisee shall transmit information regarding an Item which is being tested or has been tested within the last seven days to a third party without prior consent of The Client.

Propriety rights
Unless indicated otherwise, The Company has property rights over all texts and images available at The Site. Any full or partial reproduction of contents with commercial purpose is strictly prohibited. Any reproduction of contents for private purpose is allowed for all that the following things are respected: the texts and images are not modified, they are presented in full, The Company name and logo as well as the source (indicated by the website url must appear clearly at the beginning of the reproduction.
Shall The Visitor and/or The Client be willing to make use of contents featuring at The Site over which The Company does not have property rights (such as images or texts provided by third parties), it must contact the entity having such rights and get authorization from this last one prior to do it.

Sources of information and validity of contents
The Site may contain commonly accepted scientific information as well as various analyses and opinions from various sources, internal and external. These scientific information, analyses and opinions may criss-cross each others. All information available at The Site is posted with no guarantees of validity and exactness. Neither The Company nor The Franchisee shall be liable for any mistakes or omissions.

Links to external websites
The Company has no control over the content of external website and shall not be liable for any content posted at a third party website which link would appear at The Site.

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