Verbal check (or oral check) is a fast service where no report is issued, the gem identification and all information such as treatment and origin are given in an oral manner and not written on any document. The gem are tested with the same instruments as when a report has to be issued but because it is a fast and inexpensive service, the time spent to examine items for verbal check is less than for a report. Thus, the risk or error is obviously higher and we cannot proceed to any recheck for free as there is no existing record in our database.

The verbal check service of GFCO GEM LAB is a not a service for profit as it is still time consuming for very little money; GFCO really offers this service to support gem traders in their daily business when they are in a rush. For that reason, we reserve this service to professional gem traders and may refuse verbal check for large quantity of stones as well as if we are busy making reports.

We accept to write the identification result and treatment status and probable origin on the plastic bag in which the stone is placed but it stops there. The gems are not going to be weighted, measured or pictured.

Upon request, we may accept large orders of verbal check but the price may be significantly higher than for only a few stones (in opposition to discounted).