"As people have personality, gemstones do too. Their appearance is function of many factors such as color, size, cutting, clarity, lighting conditions and influenced by the surrounding jewel if mounted. Their inclusions are of special interest for the gemologist, revealing much about them, and, by the landscapes drawn, take the observer in a voyage into another world." Pablo Cattoni, Gemologist

GFCO GEM LAB has become an unmissable gemological laboratory; it is the pioneer in offering big gem identification reports with a testing service of high quality at discounted prices. GFCO has a culture of flexibility to satisfy to all customers needs while always maintaining the high quality of testing, the ethical standard and transparency which are expected from a Swiss laboratory. Gemstones are guaranteed to have been examined by a qualified and experienced gemologist which opinion is to reflect international standard. Since GFCO issued its first reports in 2016, the laboratory theoretical knowledge and practical experience has immensely increased; nowadays, GFCO has issued over 50'000 reports and tested more than 80'000 gemstones. GFCO has issued reports for gemstones of all price range - from the cheapest material to some of the most exceptional gemstones; GFCO reports are used by gem traders, internet buyers, jewelers from all over the world as well as some prestigious auction houses. Our wish is each and every gemstone to be certified because each gem is worth it - be it only to bring gemological knowledge to the public. Always, GFCO will work hard to be the №1 in terms of price/quality ratio of the market.